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Higher Education Administration

Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration Curriculum

The Ph.D. provides for an enhanced focus on research and content knowledge. Consult the Ph.D. Program Plan for more information. Components of the new requirements are as follows:

Major/Area of Concentration: 36 hours (12 courses)

Higher Education Core—18 hours

  • ELPS 882 Higher Education in the US
  • ELPS 884 Research on College Students
  • ELPS 980 Postsecondary Finance
  • ELPS 983 Curriculum and Innovation in Higher Education
  • ELPS 986 The Governance and Administration of Higher Education
  • One applied research course (e.g., one of the two doctoral seminars using datasets or applied statistics)

Electives—18 hours

  • At least two courses in one area outside of ELPS that are related to the student's research interests
  • 4 higher education electives

Research Skills: 12 hours (minimum)

  • EPSY 710/11
  • EPSY 810
  • ELPS 871 Introduction to Qualitative Research
  • One advanced methods/statistics course

School of Education Doctoral Core: 3 hours

  • EDUC 800 Education as a Field of Scholarship

Dissertation: 18 hours

Total: 69 hours minimum

Additional Requirements:

  • Before taking comprehensive exams, PhD students must 1) submit a satisfactory literature review on a topic related to their dissertations and 2) must write and submit a conference proposal to an approved conference based on some research done during the program.
  • All doctoral students must complete a Responsible Conduct of Research requirement.
  • All PhD students must complete a supervised college teaching experience during their period of doctoral study. May be met by demonstrated current college teaching experience or by enrolling for ELPS 996.
  • All PhD students must complete a period of continuous study. Options for meeting this requirement are found in the  Ph.D. Residency Agreement.
  • Students must successfully complete a written and oral comprehensive in which they demonstrate knowledge of the major field of study as well as research skills. This is normally taken after all course requirements have been completed.
  • Post-comprehensive exam enrollment:  Following university policy, "doctoral candidates are required, after passing the comprehensive oral examination, to be continuously enrolled in one or more hours of dissertation or programmatically equivalent coursework (for example, document hours for DMA students) that both moves the student towards degree completion and reflects, as accurately as possible, the candidate's demands on faculty time and university facilities.  During this time, until all requirements fore the degree are completed (including the filing of the dissertation) or until 18 post-comprehensive hours have completed (whichever comes first), the candidate must enroll for a minimum of 6 hours a semester and 3 hours a summer semester."   http://policy.ku.edu/graduate-studies/doctoral-candidacy.  If the dissertation has not been completed by the time the student has completed 18 dissertation hours, he or she must continue to enroll in 1 hour per semester until the dissertation is completed.  If the student has not demonstrated progress on the dissertation by the end of 18 post-comprehensive hours, he or she may be dismissed from the program.

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Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Graduate Teaching Assistant(s) needed to teach the following:

  • ELPS 301. Educational Technology in Elementary-Middle Education. 3 Hours.
  • ELPS 302. Educational Technology in Middle/Secondary Education. 3 Hours.
  • ELPS 250. Education and Society. 3 Hours. AE41/AE51.

Learn more & apply here. (pdf)