Online Ed.D. in Educational Administration Program Curriculum & Admission Requirements



Students take a major concentration of courses entailing a minimum of 42 credit hours of coursework, plus dissertation hours. At least two courses from each of two or more of the department's various program areas must be included in the major concentration. Such courses should offer an opportunity for students to focus on policy questions.

Continuous Study

The Ed.D. period of continuous study requirement is fulfilled according to its purpose and with maximal benefit to the doctoral aspirant. The period of continuous enrollment recognizes that the typical Ed.D. student works full-time while enrolling in their doctoral program.

To meet the continuous study requirement, EdD students must be enrolled in two consecutive semesters following one of the following patterns:

• Spring enrollment of 6 credit hours and fall enrollment of 6 credit hours;
• Spring enrollment of 6 credit hours and summer enrollment of 3 credit hours;
• Summer enrollment of 3 credit hours and fall enrollment of 6 credit hours.

Comprehensive examination

Upon completion of all coursework, the student is eligible for the comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination consists of both a written and oral part and test the student's knowledge of the areas of the coursework; ability to reason, evaluate and draw supportable conclusions within the context of the subject area; and knowledge of current issues and trends within the field.


The purpose of the dissertation is to study one administrative problem or specialty in depth. The student is expected to generate original knowledge in a specialized field and contribute to resolving important problems or questions within the field of educational leadership.

Program Curriculum

The program’s curriculum reflects the needs and aspirations of each student, and prepares researchers, teachers and educational leaders for a variety of settings. The student will work closely with an advisor to determine a plan of study. The curriculum requirements outlined below are the minimum required for the school district leadership endorsement. Additional courses may be added to complete the building-level endorsement.

Core Requirements


Research Requirements


Dissertation Requirements


Please note, this is a potential plan of study. Please consult with your faculty advisor before enrolling. Individuals who have completed an Educational Specialist degree program and have already earned district level licensure endorsement are not required to complete ELPS 995: District Level Field Experience.

Summary of the Ed.D. program

  • Total core credit hours – 42;

  • Research credit hours – 9;

  • Dissertation credit hours – typically 9 – 18.

Graduate Admission

Applicants must have a master’s degree or equivalent with at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale and hold a full-time position in a college or university or related educational setting. Three years of full-time experience is recommended. Meeting minimum admission standards does not guarantee admission to the program. Applicants are strongly advised to contact one (or more) of the faculty members in the department prior to applying for the doctoral program.

Application Deadlines

April 1
Final application deadline

Application Checklist

Ed.D. in Educational Administration

Applicants are required to submit the following materials and meet the following requirements before the application deadline:


  • Online application

    Complete through the KU Office of Graduate Admissions

  • Transcripts

    One official copy of academic transcripts from each college or university attended

  • English translation of transcripts

    Official transcripts from an international university must include an English translation

  • GRE exam scores (optional)

    Official copy of scores no older than five years

  • Resume or CV

  • Statement of purpose

    Please submit a succinct statement of purpose, no more than five pages in length. Click the link above for details.

  • Writing sample

    An article, paper, or other composition

  • Letter of recommendation

    One name and email address of a person to be asked to complete a letter of recommendation; it should be from the applicant’s immediate supervisor.

  • Proof of English proficiency

    Non-native English speakers must demonstrate English proficiency

  • Application fee

    $65 for U.S. residents, $85 for international applicants.

Program Faculty and Staff

Lena Batt
Lena Batt
Assistant Professor
Jennifer Bessolo
Jennifer Bessolo
Professor of the Practice, Masters of Educational Administration Program Coordinator, Educational Doctorate Program Coordinator for K-12 Administration
Rick Ginsberg
Rick Ginsberg
Professor, Dean, School of Education
Kim Huggett
Kim Huggett
Graduate student services manager
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson
Assistant Professor
Lei Jiang
Lei Jiang
Assistant Professor
Bryan Mann
Bryan Mann
Associate Professor
Lisa Ellen Wolf-Wendel
Lisa Ellen Wolf-Wendel
Interim Department Chair of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the School of Education & Human Sciences, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor