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Higher Education Administration

Higher Education Administration Program Curriculum

The master's degree in higher education administration consists of a set of integrated courses that will complement learning opportunities through the required assistantship and internship experiences. The program faculty believe that administrators in a higher education setting are better prepared when they understand the larger system of higher education institutions. Students are able to select content electives in areas such as: higher education law, diversity in higher education, and others that might complement specific professional interests. A for-credit internship experience is also an option.

The program consists of 36 hours of course work and most classes meet once a week from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.. Fall and spring semester courses are scheduled in 16-week formats during, while the summer session classes vary in time and format. Students will take a comprehensive examination. A sample sequence of courses is listed below:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ELPS 780 Introduction to Higher Education Administration 3
ELPS 883 The College Student 3
ELPS 882 Higher Education in the United States 3
EPSY 715 Understanding Research in Education 3
ELPS 885 Assessment & Program Evaluation in Higher Education 3
ELPS 884 College Student Access, Persistence, and Success 3
ELPS 886 Theory into Practice in Higher Education 3
ELPS 782 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Higher Education 3
  Elective 1 3
  Elective 2 3
  Elective 3 3
  Elective 4 3

Sample Elective Course List (pdf)

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Assistantship Requirement

Full-time students who are admitted to the MSE program in Higher Education Administration must also be offered a Graduate Assistantship in order to fulfill the program requirements. This approach reinforces our philosophy that having hands-on experience working in higher education is critical to your understanding of the academic curriculum. Learn more!

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