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Lisa Ellen Wolf-Wendel

School of Education - Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Doctor of Philosophy, Higher Education, The Claremont Graduate School
Primary office:
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
Room 214 H
University of Kansas
1122 West Campus Rd
Lawrence, KS 66045-3101


Lisa Wolf-Wendel, PhD is a Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She is also the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the School of Education. Dr. Wolf-Wendel joined the faculty of the University of Kansas (KU) in 1995.

Dr. Wolf-Wendel earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications from Stanford University in 1987. She earned her doctorate in Higher Education from The Claremont Graduate University in 1995.

Dr. Wolf-Wendel is the author of numerous books and refereed journal articles on topics related to equity issues in higher education. Her research focuses on faculty issues including studies of the academic labor market, the needs of international faculty and faculty from historically underrepresented groups, and several recent research projects pertaining to the policy response of academic institutions in the wake of demands for dual career couple accommodations and work/family balance. She is an editor of the ASHE Higher Education Monograph Series, and serves on the Editorial Board of many publications in higher education including Research in Higher Education, The Journal of College Student Development, and the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

Program Affiliation:

M.S.E.: http://elps.ku.edu/higher-education/mse

Ed.D: http://elps.ku.edu/higher-ed/edd

Ph.D.: http://elps.ku.edu/higher-ed/phd

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Doctor of Philosophy, Higher Education, The Claremont Graduate School

Master of Arts, Higher Education, The Claremont Graduate School

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Communications, Stanford University



ELPS 883:College Student Development

ELPS 884:Research on College Students

ELPS 886:Theory and Practice in Higher Education (Capstone)

ELPS 970:Theory and Research in Administration

ELPS 998:The American Faculty

Teaching Interests

  • College Student Development
  • Faculty Issues
  • College Student Access and Retention
  • Qualitative research methods

Research Interests

  • Equity issues in higher education
  • Women faculty
  • Work/family balance
  • Dual career academic couples
  • International faculty
  • Women's colleges
  • Special focus institutions
  • Gender and racial/ethnic diversity issues as they pertain to faculty, students, administrators
  • And institutions of higher education
  • Special area of interest focuses on dual career academic couples and work/life balance for faculty members.

Selected Publications

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. A. (in press). Mothering and Professing: Critical Choices and the Academic Career. NASPA: Journal about Women in Higher Education.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. (in press). Dual career couple hiring in STEM.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. (in press). Dual Career Couple Hiring in STEM. In . (Ed.), Advancing Women in Academics: STEM Fields Through Dual Career Couple Policies and Practices.

Sallee, M. Ward, K. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2015). Can anyone have it all? Gendered views on work, family and academic careers. Innovative Higher Education, 41(3), 1-16.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. (2015). Academic mothers: Exploring disciplinary perspectives. Innovative Higher Education, 14, 19-35.

Ng, J. Skorupski, W. Frey, B. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2013). ACES: Developing a valid and reliable survey to assess faculty support of diversity goals. Research and Practice in Assessment, 8, 29-42.

Kim, D. Wolf-Wendel, L. & Twombly, S. (2013). The Role of Citizenship Status in Intent to Leave for Pre-Tenure Faculty: Ready, Set, Go? Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 6(4), 245-260.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. (2013). Work and Family Integration for Faculty: What Can Chairs Do? The Department Chair.

Kim, D. Twombly, S. & Wolf-Wendel, L. E. (2012). International faculty in American universities: Experiences of academic life, productivity, and career mobility. In Y. J. Xu (Ed.), Refine the Focus on University Faculty: The Interplay of Diversity, Time, and Methodology (Vol. 2012 , pp. 27-46). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley. DOI:10.1002/lr.20020

Wolf-Wendel, L. Ng, J. & Lombardi, K. (2012). Pathways from middle school to college: Examining the impact of an urban, pre-college preparation program. Education and Urban Society, 1-27.

Ward, K. & Wolf-Wendel, L. E. (2012). Academic Motherhood: Managing Work and Family, Piscataway, NJ : Rutgers University Press.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Ward, K. (2012). 21st Century Scholar. Breast practices: Negotiating family and academic life.

Kim, D. B., Wolf-Wendel, L. & Twombly, S. (2011). Predicting International Faculty Satisfaction and Productivity Using Alternative Definitions and Institutional Characteristics. Journal of Higher Education, 82(6), 720-747.

Wolf-Wendel, L. & Eason, R. (2010). Women's Colleges and Universities. In B. Banks (Ed.), Gender and Higher Education. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Kord, J. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2010). The Relationship between Online Social Networking and Academic and Social Integration. College Student Affairs Journal, 28(2).

Wolf-Wendel, L. Ward, K. & Kinzie, J. (2009). A Tangled Web of Terms: The Overlap and Unique Contribution of Involvement, Engagement, and Integration to Understand College Student Success. Journal of College Student Development, 50(4), 407-428.

Ward, K. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2009). Academic careers and children: Lifelong Commitments. Teachers College Record Commentary.

Ward, K. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2009). Academic Motherhood: What Longitudinal Perspectives Reveal about Work and Family for Female Faculty. AAUW Outlook Magazine.

Wolf-Wendel, L. E. (2009). The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey Results for Spring 2009.

Ward, K. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2008). Choice and discourse in faculty careers: Feminist perspectives of work and family. In J. Glazer (Ed.), Unfinished business: New and continuing gender challenges in higher education. Baltimore, MD: Jossey-Bass.

Wolf-Wendel, L. Bajaj, A. & Spriggs, T. (2008). Responding to the needs of LGB student athletes and their team members. In L. Toogood & E. Gill (Eds.), Advising Student Athletes. Manhattan, KS: National Association of Academic Advisors.

Kim, D. Twombly, S. & Wolf-Wendel, L. (2008). Factors predicting community college faculty satisfaction with instructional autonomy. Community College Review, 35(3), 159-180.

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Higher Education Monograph Series Editor

School of Education Faculty Service Achievement Award
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Sally Loyd Casanova Distinguished Alumni Recognition
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Gene A. Budig Teaching Professorship
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School of Education Faculty Research Achievement Award
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