KU chancellor announces promotion and tenure for 169 faculty and researchers for fall 2021

A tree blooms in from of Strong Hall at the University of Kansas.

LAWRENCE – Chancellor Douglas A. Girod has approved the promotion and award of tenure, where indicated, for 80 individuals at the University of Kansas Lawrence and Edwards campuses and 89 individuals at the KU Medical Center campuses.

Girod issued a joint statement on the accomplishment of these faculty members with Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Barbara Bichelmeyer, who chairs the University Committee on Promotion and Tenure on the Lawrence campus, and Dr. Robert Simari, executive vice chancellor at KU Medical Center.

“KU’s dedicated scholars and educators address the challenges of our changing world and ensure this university moves forward as a major research institution. Our faculty and scholars across all our campuses conduct innovative research, deliver outstanding educational experiences, and participate in professional, clinical and service activities required of their field. Their dedication to excellence embodies our mission of educating leaders, building healthy communities and making discoveries that change the world. The commitment they possess to ensure students succeed is inspiring, especially given the trials and tribulations of the past year.

“Our thanks go to the University Committees on Promotion and Tenure on both campuses who gave their time and effort to evaluating the many eligible candidates. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating these educators who devote their talents and energy to uphold KU’s ideals through research, teaching and service.”

Except where indicated, promotion and tenure are effective at the start of the fall semester.

At the Lawrence and Edwards Campuses

To associate professor with tenure

  • Rafael Acosta, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Wei Chen, business
  • Abel Chikanda, geography & atmospheric science, African and African-American studies
  • Brian Cole, educational psychology
  • William Collins, civil, environmental & architectural engineering
  • David Colwell, music
  • Angela Gist-Mackey, communication studies
  • Melissa Grady, music
  • Sarah Gross, visual art
  • Dorothy Hines, African and African-American studies, curriculum & teaching
  • Craig Jendza, classics
  • Nancy Kepple, social welfare
  • Joo Ok Kim, American studies
  • Ting Lei, geography & atmospheric science
  • Ian Lewis, physics & astronomy
  • Xianglin Li, mechanical engineering
  • Xiaoli “Laura” Li, chemical & petroleum engineering
  • Zhipeng Liu, mathematics
  • Agnieszka Miedlar, mathematics
  • Kevin Mullinix, political science
  • Matthew Otto, music
  • Megan Paceley, social welfare
  • Eugene Parker, educational leadership & policy study
  • Christopher Perreira, American studies
  • Joshua Roundy, civil, environmental & architectural engineering
  • Kwangok Song, curriculum & teaching
  • Ingrid Stöelzel, music
  • Elaina Sutley, civil, environmental & architectural engineering
  • Tsvetan Tsvetanov, economics
  • Robert Unckless, molecular biosciences
  • Hong Tien Vu, journalism
  • Oleksandra Wallo, Slavic and Eurasian languages & literatures
  • Clayton Webb, political science
  • Huixuan Wu, aerospace engineering
  • F. Michael Wuthrich, political science

To full professor

  • Tony Bolden, African & African-American studies
  • Darren Canady, English
  • Jae Chang, architecture
  • Vitaly Chernetsky, Slavic and Eurasian languages & literatures
  • Prajnaparamita “Prajna” Dhar, chemical & petroleum engineering
  • Alexander Diener, geography & atmospheric science
  • Florence DiGennaro Reed, applied behavioral science
  • Claudia Dozier, applied behavioral science
  • Chris Fischer, physics & astronomy
  • Veronica Garibotto, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Heather Getha-Taylor, public affairs & administration
  • Peter Grund, English
  • Yunfeng Jiang, mathematics
  • Bonnie Johnson, Urban Planning Program
  • Mathew Johnson, mathematics
  • Margaret Kelley, American studies
  • Mario Medina, civil, environmental & architectural engineering
  • Brent Metz, anthropology
  • Meagan Patterson, educational psychology
  • Shannon Portillo, public affairs & administration
  • Argun Saatcioglu, education leadership & policy study
  • Misty Schieberle, English
  • Aaron Scurto, chemical & petroleum engineering
  • Hyunjin Seo, journalism
  • Suzanne Shontz, electrical engineering & computer science
  • Michael Zhuo Wang, pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Faye Xiao, East Asian languages & cultures
  • Xinmai Yang, mechanical engineering
  • Molly Zahn, religious studies

To associate curator (nontenure track)

  • Cassandra Mesick Braun, Spencer Museum
  • Joey Orr, Spencer Museum

To associate librarian with tenure

  • Josh Bolick, libraries

To associate research professor (nontenure track)

  • D. Christopher Rogers, Kansas Biological Survey
  • Amber Rowland, Life Span Institute

To associate professor with tenure/associate scientist

  • Christopher Cushing, applied behavioral science & Life Span Institute

To associate specialist (nontenure track)

  • Caleb Morse, Biodiversity Institute

To clinical associate professor (nontenure track)

  • Ashley Crowl, pharmacy practice
  • Julie Gatts, speech-language-hearing
  • Krysta Green, speech-language-hearing
  • Stephanie Meehan, speech-language-hearing

To clinical professor (nontenure track)

  • Matthew Gillispie, speech-language-hearing
  • Kris Pedersen, speech-language-hearing

To full professor/senior scientist

  • Brian Boyd, applied behavioral science, Life Span Institute
  • Howard Wills, educational psychology, Life Span Institute

To senior scientist

  • Fernando Rodriguez-Morales, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets


At the KU Medical Center

To professor on clinical scholar track (nontenure track)

  • Wei Cui, pathology & laboratory medicine, Kansas City
  • Emmanuel Daon, cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, Kansas City
  • Martin Emert, cardiovascular medicine, Kansas City
  • Brigid Flynn, anesthesiology, pain & perioperative medicine, Kansas City
  • Jessica Kalender-Rich, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Heath Latham, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Tara Lin, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Prakash Neupane, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Jyoti Panicker, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • Madhu Reddy, cardiovascular medicine, Kansas City
  • Dawood Sayed, anesthesiology, pain & perioperative medicine, Kansas City
  • Nirmal Veeramachaneni, cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, Kansas City
  • Christopher Walker, radiology, Kansas City
  • Fen Wang, radiation oncology, Kansas City

To associate professor on clinical scholar track

  • Adam Alli, radiology, Kansas City
  • Nathan Bahr, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Skylar Bellinger, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • German Berbel, surgery, Kansas City
  • Andres Bur, otolaryngology – head & neck surgery, Kansas City
  • Michael Crosser, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Shalina Gupta-Burt, radiation oncology, Kansas City
  • Nathan Hall, pediatrics, Wichita
  • Andrew Hoover, radiation oncology, Kansas City
  • Bradley Jackson, emergency medicine, Kansas City
  • Andrea Jewell, obstetrics & gynecology, Kansas City
  • Anup Kasi, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Kelli Krase, obstetrics & gynecology, Kansas City
  • John-Paul Pozek, anesthesiology, pain & perioperative medicine, Kansas City
  • Wojciech Przylecki, plastic, burn & wound surgery, Kansas City
  • Anwaar Saeed, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Leyla Shune, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Leslie Spikes, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Jared Staab, anesthesiology, pain & perioperative medicine, Kansas City
  • Ky Stoltzfus, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Melissa Thomas, emergency medicine, Kansas City
  • Kerri Thurmon, urologic surgery, Kansas City
  • Heather Von Bevern, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • Ting Wang-Weinman, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Laurel Witt, family medicine & community health, Kansas City
  • Wendell Yap, radiology, Kansas City
  • Nicole Yedlinsky, family medicine & community health, Kansas City

To clinical assistant professor (clinical track, nontenure track)

  • Michelle Cochran, School of Nursing, Kansas City
  • Staci Ford, School of Nursing, Kansas City

To clinical associate professor (clinical track, nontenure track)

  • Elise Abicht, obstetrics & gynecology, Kansas City
  • Sarah Baldassaro, obstetrics & gynecology, Kansas City
  • Brennen Bittel, neurology, Kansas City
  • Christopher Blue, pediatrics, Wichita
  • James Coster, radiation oncology, Kansas City
  • Cindy Daugherty, pediatrics, Wichita
  • Edmond Feuille, obstetrics & gynecology, Wichita
  • Hammad Ganatra, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • Lalitha Devi Gopineti Lokanathudu, pediatrics, Wichita
  • Sara Johnston, family & community medicine, Wichita
  • Daniel Keleti, radiation oncology, Kansas City
  • Lorraine Lindstrom, radiation oncology, Kansas City
  • Muhammad Nashatizadeh, neurology, Kansas City
  • Archana Pareek, internal medicine, Kansas City
  • Whitney Pressler, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • Lee Rosterman, neurology, Kansas City
  • Keir Swisher, Emergency Medicine, Salina
  • Megan Troutman, psychiatry & behavioral sciences, Wichita
  • W. Abraham White, ophthalmology, Kansas City
  • Anne Wishna, ophthalmology, Kansas City

To clinical professor (clinical track, nontenure track)

  • Ahmad Batrash, internal medicine (VA), Kansas City
  • Michael Machen, family & community medicine, Wichita
  • Nazih Moufarrij, surgery, Wichita
  • Howard Rosenthal, orthopedic surgery & sports medicine, Kansas City

To associate professor (clinical track, nontenure track)

  • Travis Langner, pediatrics, Kansas City
  • Vikas Singh, neurology (VA), Kansas City

To professor (clinical track, nontenure track)

  • Rajat Barua, cardiovascular medicine (VA), Kansas City

To education associate professor (educator track, nontenure track)

  • Lisa Harlan-Williams, anatomy & cell biology, Kansas City
  • John Keighley, biostatistics & data science, Kansas City

To associate professor (educator track, nontenure track)

  • Kari Nilsen, family & community medicine, Wichita

To research associate professor (research track, nontenure track)

  • Stephen Parnell, biochemistry & molecular biology, Kansas City

To professor, previously tenured

  • Udayan Apte, pharmacology, toxicology & therapeutics, Kansas City
  • Julie Carlsten Christianson, anatomy & cell biology, Kansas City
  • Francisco Diaz-Ceballos, biostatistics & data science, Kansas City
  • Jeffrey Statland, neurology, Kansas City

To associate professor with tenure

  • Joanna Brooks, population health, Kansas City
  • David Burnett, School of Health Professions, Kansas City
  • Prabhakar Chalise, biostatistics & data science, Kansas City
  • Christy Hagan, biochemistry & molecular biology, Kansas City
  • Lisette Jacobson, population health, Wichita
  • Maria Kalamvoki, microbiology, molecular genetics & immunology
  • Carla Keirns, history & philosophy of medicine, Kansas City
  • Taneisha Scheuermann, population health, Kansas City
  • Bryan Vopat, orthopedic surgery & sports medicine, Kansas City
  • Jessica Williams, population health, Kansas City

To professor (affiliate track)

  • Congrong “Ron” Yu, anatomy & cell biology, Kansas City.

Thu, 05/06/2021


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