Thomas A. DeLuca

Thomas A. DeLuca
  • Associate Professor
  • School of Education and Human Sciences
  • Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Joseph R. Pearson Hall, room #406
University of Kansas
1122 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045


Thomas A. DeLuca, Ph.D., proudly serves the students of Kansas and western Missouri through his face-to-face doctoral (Ed.D.) courses on KU's Lawrence and Edwards campuses. In addition to his academic background, his experience serving local community school districts as a teacher, principal, and finance director in both rural and urban districts inform both his research and his teaching. Dr. DeLuca also enjoyed 11 years with a Fortune 500 company where he worked in technology, finance, and international sales and support.

Professor DeLuca's research focuses on three key areas: the politics of K-12 education finance and policy, the influence of empirical evidence with data-informed decision-making and resource allocation, and the structure and economics of K-12 educational organizations.


Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Michigan State University, 2012, East Lansing, MI
M.S. in Educational Leadership, Grand Valley State University, 2002, Allendale, MI
M.B.A. in Business Administration, Grand Valley State University, 2001, Allendale, MI
B.S. in Computer Science, Grand Valley State University, 1989, Allendale, MI
B.S. in Elementary Education / English Minors: Mathematics, Reading, Central Michigan University, 1983, Mt. Pleasant, MI


Research interests:

  • Educational finance
  • K-12 Internal Resource Allocation
  • Mixed methods research
  • Economics of education


Teaching interests:

  • Educational finance
  • School and District Resource Management
  • School administrator preparation and licensure

Selected Publications

Kenne, D. R., Ph. D., Fischbein, R., Ph. D., & DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D. (2018). Economic Disparities: SPARK Ohio and Narrowing the Kindergarten Readiness Gap [Journal Articles]. Child Development Research, 2018, 12 / 4383792.
DeLuca, T. A. (2018). Instructional spending metrics: A multilevel analysis using NCES data [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 44(1).
DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D., Novak, J. C., Ed. D., & Cocolis, A., Ed. D. (2017). Retaliatory Teacher Transfer or Meeting a District Need? [Other]. In Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. Sage Publications.
Fischbein, R., & DeLuca, T. A. (2016). Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK): An Early Childhood Intervention Program Description and Evaluation. [Journal Articles]. The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning, 23(4).
Saatcioglu, A., Skrtic, T., & DeLuca, T. A. (2016). The use of test accommodations as a gaming strategy: A state-level exploration of potential gaming tendencies in the 2007-2009 period and implications for re-directing research on gaming through test accommodations. [Journal Articles]. Teachers College Record, 118(14).
Arsen, D. A., DeLuca, T. A., Ni, Y., & Bates, M. (2016). Which Districts Get Into Financial Trouble and Why: Michigan’s Story [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 42(2).
DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D. (2015). Federal Incentives to Merge Local Districts: Alternative Perspectives [Other]. In Point/Counterpoint: A New Federal Role in Education? Incentivizing District Mergers? (Vol. 56, Issue 3, pp. 20–22). University of Virginia.
DeLuca, T. A., PhD. (2015). Do Countywide LEAs Allocate Expenditures Differently from Community-centric LEAs? Evidence from NCES Common Core Data [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 40(3).
DeLuca, T. A., PhD. (2014). Business Service Consolidation: A Case Study [Journal Articles]. School Business Affairs, Official Journal of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO), September 2014.
DeLuca, T. A. (2014). Service Consolidation [Encyclopedia/Dictionary Entries]. In Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance; edited by Dominic J. Brewer & Lawrence O. Picus. Sage Publications.
DeLuca, T. A. (2013). K-12 Non-Instructional Service Consolidation:  Spending Changes and Scale Economies [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 39(2).

Selected Presentations

DeLuca, T. A. (4/5/2018). Special Education Services as a Predictor Variable in Resource Allocation Research. 2018 National Education Finance Conference. Tulsa, OK
DeLuca, T. A. (2/22/2017). Using Geospatial Data in Educational Research. National Education Finance Academy Conference (2017). Cincinnati, OH.

Awards & Honors

National Education Finance Conference Distinguished Fellow Award
National Education Finance Conference (NEFC)
Clyde M. Campbell Endowed Fellowship
Michigan State University
2010 - 2011