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Amanda Mollet
  • Assistant Professor

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Dr. Amanda L. Mollet (she/her/hers) is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the Higher Education Administration program at the University of Kansas. She also serves as the coordinator for the master’s program. Dr. Mollet received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa where she also spent a year in a visiting assistant professor position before transitioning to KU. Her research explores questions of equity and inclusion from individual, organizational, and ecological perspectives. Dr. Mollet primarily focuses on experiences of students, faculty, and staff with historically minoritized sexual and gender identities; extending her dissertation work, her research on asexuality and asexual students’ experiences continue challenging existing norms and understandings of sexuality.

Amanda's previous educational experiences include receiving her master's degree in college student development from Oklahoma State University and her bachelor of science in political science and speech communication from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


Educational Policy and Leadership Studies, The University of Iowa, 2018
Educational Leadership Studies, Oklahoma State University, 2009
Political Science and Speech Communication, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2006


Research interests:

  • asexuality
  • college students
  • campus environments
  • college student development


Teaching interests:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • diversity leadership
  • qualitative methods

Selected Publications

Mollet, A. L., Weaver, K. E., Holmes, J. M., Linley, J. L., Hurley, E. A., & Renn, K. A. (2021). Queer in residence: Exploring the on-campus housing ecological systems of queer college students [Journal Articles]. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 58(1), 1–14.
Mollet, A. L., Stier, M. J., Linley, J. L., & Locke, L. A. (2020). “I didn’t become a professor to teach high school”: Examining college educators’ perspectives of culture in early college high schools [Journal Articles]. Equity and Excellence in Education, 53(1–2), 229–243.
Mollet, A. L. (2020). “I have a lot of feelings, just none in the genitalia region”: A grounded theory of asexual college students’ identity journeys [Journal Articles]. Journal of College Student Development, 61(2), 189–206.
Mollet, A. L., & Lackman, B. (2019). “I thought I was the only one”: Asexual Student Invisibility and Erasure in Higher Education [Book Chapters]. In E. M. Zamani-Gallaher, D. D. Choudhuri, & J. L. Taylor (Eds.), Rethinking LGBTQIA Students and Collegiate Contexts: Identity, Policies, and Campus Climate (pp. 78–98). Routledge.
Mollet, A. L., & Lackman, B. R. (2018). Asexual Borderlands: Asexual Collegians’ Reflections on Inclusion Under the LGBTQ Umbrella [Journal Articles]. Journal of College Student Development, 59(5), 623–628.
Barnhardt, C. L., Mollet, A. L., Phillips, C., Young, R., & Sheets, K. (2018). University leaders’ public advocacy: An educational asset in creating inclusive climates [Journal Articles]. Teachers College Record, 120(8), 1–34.
Kilgo, C. A., Mollet, A. L., & Pascarella, E. T. (2016). The Estimated Effects of College Student Involvement on Psychological Well-Being [Journal Articles]. Journal of College Student Development, 57(8), 1043–1049.
Mollet, A. L., & Wolf-Wendel, L. E. (accepted/in press). Pulling back the curtain of work/life integration during the pandemic. [Book Chapters]. In Teaching in turbulent times: Higher education amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rutgers University Press.
Mollet, A. L. (accepted/in press). “It’s easier just to say I’m queer”: Exploring identity disclosure of asexual college students. [Journal Articles]. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Awards & Honors

Emerging Faculty Leaders Academy
2020 - 2022
ACPA Coalition for LGBT Awareness Research Recognition Award
Pride Foundation Equal Access and Opportunity Award
ACPA SCGSNP Outstanding New Professional Award
ASCA Goldstone Foundation Scholarship Winner
Oklahoma State University Graduate College Phoenix Award
NACURH, Inc. Gold Pin


With nearly a decade of experience in residence life and housing before receiving her doctorate, Amanda merges her professional experience with her research knowledge serving on the editorial board for the Journal of College and University Student Housing. She also served on the editorial board for the Journal of College Student Development’s Research in Brief. With her commitment to professional service, Amanda served in many leadership roles with ACPA including as a Governing Board Member-at-large, Chair of Graduate Students and New Professionals, Convention Planning Team, and currently as the Scholar-in-Residence for the Coalition for Sexual and Gender Identities. She has also contributed to ASHE as a discussant, chair, and program reviewer.

At KU, Amanda serves as the program coordinator for the higher education administration master's program, is a member of the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council, and a program reviewer for the LGBTQ+ Research Symposium.